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ASMEA member and JMEA Book Review Editor Dr. Cole Bunzel and co-author Dr. Bernard Haykel published their article "Will Saudi Arabia Normalize Relations with Israel?" in the Hoover Institution's periodical The Caravan (Issue 2238).

ASMEA member Dr. Tricia Bacon and co-author Dr. Austin Doctor published their article "The Death of Bilal al-Sudani and Its Impact on Islamic State Operations."

ASMEA member Dr. Ido Zelkovitz and co-author Dr. Oren Asman published their article "Legal competence in Shari’a courts in Israel" in the journal Israel Affairs.

Congratulations to ASMEA Members Drs. Ronen Cohen and Dan Naor on the publication of their article "Salafism in Lebanon: the significance of Fathi Yakan and Al-Jamaʿa Al-Islamiyya” in the journal, Middle Eastern Studies.

ASMEA member Dr. Ahmed M. A. Sheir is co-editor of the new book series Studies in Pre-modern Arab History, published by Trivent. This series is broadly concerned with the political, economic, social, cultural, and intellectual history of the Arabs and the Arab World, as well as the relations of the Arabs with others from Antiquity up to the Early Modern period. 

ASMEA member Dr. Beverly Lindsay published her book Higher Education Policy in Developing and Western Nations: Contemporary and Emerging Trends in Local and Global Contexts (Routledge).

ASMEA member Prof. Richard Landes published his book Can “The Whole World” Be Wrong?: Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism, and Global Jihad (Academic Studies Press). Read a review of the book by ASMEA member Prof. Jeffrey Herf in Quillette.

ASMEA member Prof. Michael Sharnoff published his article "Changing Attitudes Toward the West Bank in Jordan" in the Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Volume 46, Number 1, Fall 2022).

Follow ASMEA members Prof. Mohamed Ahmed, Dr. Ben Outhwaite, Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan, and Dr. Ahmed M. A. Sheir as they continue progress on their project "Arabic Poetry in the Cairo Genizah." This project is based largely at Trinity College Dublin in the Near and Middle Eastern Studies Department, and in collaboration with University of Cambridge. The project is funded from the European Research Council (ERC).

ASMEA member Prof. Alexander Bligh published his article "A Comparative Analysis of the Israeli and Saudi Economies and an Argument for Bilateral Cooperation" in the journal Asian Affairs (November 7, 2022).

ASMEA member Mr. Asher Lubotzky and coauthor Dr. Roni Mikel Arieli published their article, "'The Great Trek Towards Nazism': Anti-Fascism and the Radical Left in South Africa During the Early Apartheid Era" in the South African Historical Journal (Vol 74, No 1).

ASMEA Executive Director Dr. Asaf Romirowsky joined the podcast, "Top Story" with Jonathan Tobin. 

Dr. Daniel Pipes, president of Middle East Forum, sites ASMEA member Prof. Amatzia Baram's Journal of the Middle East and Africa article, "Speaking Truth to Power in a Dictatorship: Secular Ideology versus Islamic Realpolitik - A Fierce Dispute in Saddām's Iraq" in his opinion piece for The Washington Times.

ASMEA member Mr. Salih Yasun won the "Outstanding Student Paper Award" from the Political Science Department at Indiana University, Bloomington. This paper, "Bureaucrat-Local Politician Relations and Hierarchical Local Governance in Emerging Democracies: A Case Study of Tunisia" was published in the Journal of the Middle East and Africa (Volume 13, Issue 1) and received a 2021 ASMEA Research Grant for his work.

ASMEA member Dr. Ahmed M. A. Sheir published his book The Prester John Legend between East and West during the Crusades. Entangled Eastern-Latin Mythical Legacies (Trivent Publishing, June 2022).

ASMEA member Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman published his book, Amazigh Politics in the wake of the Arab Spring (University of Texas Press).

ASMEA member Prof. Beverly Lindsay published her article on Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu on the Fulbright Association website.


ASMEA member Dr. Shaul Bartal published his article, "The Muslim brotherhood’s perception of Israel" in the journal Israel Affairs (October 22, 2021). 

ASMEA member Dr. Roie Yellinek published his article, "UAE-Israel diplomatic normalization: a response to a turbulent Middle East region" in the journal Comparative Strategy (Volume 40, 2021 - Issue 5).

ASMEA member Dr. Consolata Sulley published her article, "Democracy within parties: Electoral consequences of candidate selection methods in Tanzania" in the journal Party PoliticsThis work was supported by the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa 2019 ASMEA Research Grant Program.

ASMEA members Dr. Shaul Bartal and Dr. Steven Childs published articles in the publication, Handbook of Islamic Sects and Movements (Brill). Dr. Bartal's article is titled, "Ḥamās: The Islamic Resistance Movement ." Dr. Childs' article is titled, "From Identity to Militancy: The Shīʿa of Hezbollah."

ASMEA member Dr. Ian Oxnevad published his book, Making a Killing States, Banks, and Terrorism  (McGill Queen University Press).

ASMEA member Prof. Edward Lynch published his book, The Arab Spring: The Failure of the Obama Doctrine (Praeger Security International).

ASMEA member Dr. Shaul Bartal published his article “The Muslim Brotherhood Inside the Israeli Government” in the BESA Center Perspectives Papers (No. 2,080, June 25, 2021).

ASMEA Member Prof. Michael Sharnoff published his article, "Nasser and the Palestinians" in the Middle East Quarterly (Summer 2021).

ASMEA Academic Council member Dr. Martin Kramer published his article, "Kissinger, Kerry, Kushner: Making and Missing Peace in the Middle East" in the Journal of the Middle East Politics and Policy (Spring 2021).

ASMEA member Dr. Ido Zelkowitz received the award of excellence in teaching from Professor Asaf Mogdam, Dean of the Lauder School of Governance, Diplomacy and Strategy - Interdisciplinary Herzliya, where Zelkowitz has been teaching for several years in the international program a course on Palestinian society and politics.

ASMEA member Prof. Cary Nelson published his article “Accommodating the New Antisemitism: a Critique of ‘The Jerusalem Declaration’” in Fathom (April 2021).

ASMEA member Dr. Günther Jikeli published his article “A Model for Coming to Terms with the Past? Holocaust Remembrance and Antisemitism in Germany since 1945” in the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs (Volume 14, 2020 - Issue 3).

ASMEA member Dr. Roie Yellinek published his article “The New Chinese Oil Benchmark: Implications for the Middle East” in Middle East Policy.


ASMEA member Dr. Nikolay Kozhanov published two works. First, the Russian Policy in the Middle East and Its Impact on the GCC with the Bussola Institute in Brussels. Second, his op-ed, Cooperation between the UAE and Israel in the Oil Market: Can it go beyond Political Considerations? with the Gulf Studies Center of Qatar University

ASMEA member Salih Yasun published his paper "Attitudes on Family Law as an Electoral Cleavage: Survey Evidence from Tunisia" in the journal Middle East Law and Governance (Volume 12, Issue 2). Yasun received a 2018 Travel Grant from ASMEA to to present this topic at the Eleventh Annual ASMEA Conference.

ASMEA member Dr. Michael Sharnoff published his article "Does Jordan Want the West Bank?" in the Middle East Quarterly (Fall 2020).

ASMEA member Dr. Kempe Ronald Hope published his article “Peace, Justice and Inclusive Institutions: Overcoming Challenges to the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16” in Global Change, Peace & Security (Volume 32, No.1, pp. 57‒77, 2020).

ASMEA member Dr. Nikolay Kozhanov published his paper “The GCC and the Evolving Notion of Gulf Energy Security” with Al Sharq Strategic Research (Aug. 6, 2020).

ASMEA member Dr. Seçkin Sertdemir Ozdemir published his article, "Civic death as a mechanism of retributive punishment: Academic purges in Turkey" in the journal Punishment and Society. This article was awarded a Best Paper Prize at the Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference.

ASMEA member Dr. Omid Shokri Kalehsar published his article, "The Geopolitics of U.S. Energy Sanctions Against Iran" in the Middle East Policy journal (Volume XXVII, Summer 2020, Number2).

ASMEA member Prof. Joseph Spoerl translated the book Muhammad’s Mission: Religion, Politics, and Power at the Birth of Islam from its original German. The book’s author is Tilman Nagel,  the dean of Islamic Studies in Germany and Emeritus Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Göttingen. His book is the summation of a lifetime of scholarship into the three interconnected topics of the life of Muhammad, the Koran, and the birth of Islam.

ASMEA member Dr. Shaul Bartal published his article “The Next Generation: Old and New Trends among the Youth in Palestinian Society” in The Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies (Vol. 6, No. 2, Fall 2020).

ASMEA member Sercan Canbolat published two articles with the International Studies Review (ISR). His solo piece is titled “Profiling Leaders in Arabic” and his co-authored work (with Dr. Ozgur Ozdamar and Dr. Michael Young) is titled “Profiling Leaders in Turkish.” Both articles were published in an February 2020 ISR Forum titled: “Coding in Tongues: Developing Non-English Coding Schemes for Leadership Profiling.”

ASMEA member Sercan Canbolat published his article, “Understanding Political Islamists’ Foreign Policy Rhetoric in their Native Language: A Turkish Operational Code Analysis Approach” in the newsletter for the American Political Science Association (APSA) Middle East and North Africa Politics Section (Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2020).

ASMEA member Dr. Nikolay Kozhanov published his paper “Saudi Arabia in Struggle for the Chinese Oil Market: the Price War as Necessity” in Gulf Insights (No. 26, April 2020).

ASMEA member Salih Yasun published his paper, “Bureaucrat-Local Politician Linkages and Hierarchical Local Governance in Emerging Democracies: A Case Study of Tunisia” in the GLD Working Paper Series. He received a 2019 Research Grant to support his research for this work and presented findings at the Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference.

ASMEA member Dr. Kıvanç Ulusoy has published his paper “Turkey and Israel: Changing Patterns of Alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean“ in the Journal of Balkans and Near Eastern Studies (Vol. 22, Issue 3). He received an ASMEA Research Grant for this paper in 2019 and also presented it at the Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference.

ASMEA member Dr. Laurens de Rooij published his book, Islam in British media discourses: Understanding perceptions of Muslims in the news (Manchester University Press).

ASMEA member Dr. Shaul Bartal published his article “Rached Ghannouchi’s test: Political Islam and democracy in Tunisia” in African Studies.

ASMEA member Roie Yellinek published his article “How did China Win Over the Israeli People?” in the Middle East Institute’s essay series All About China.

ASMEA member Prof. Joseph Spoerl published his latest article “Parallels between Nazi and Islamist Anti-Semitism” in Jewish Political Studies Review, Volume 31, Number 1-2.


ASMEA Member Kevin Petit has published his article “The Great Saudi-Iranian Proxy Game” in the Fall 2019 issue of The Middle East Quarterly.

ASMEA Member Dr. Eliot Assoudeh has published his paper “Shia Phoenix: Is Iran’s Islamic Republic a Variety of Political Religion?” in the Spring 2019 issue of The Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies. He received an ASMEA Research Grant for this paper in 2015 and also presented it at the Annual ASMEA Conference.

ASMEA Member Prof. Franck Salameh was promoted to Full Professor at Boston College.

ASMEA Member Prof. Franck Salameh discussed his book Lebanon’s Jewish Community; Fragments of Lives Arrested (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2019) in this video.

ASMEA Member Dr. Noel Twagiramungu published his article, “From Nationalist Rebellion to Pan-African Liberation: A Theory of the Apartheid Endgame in South Africa” in the journal International Relations and Diplomacy (December 2018, Vol. 6, No. 12, 627-640). The article received a 2017 Research Grant and was originally presented at the Tenth Annual ASMEA Conference in Washington, D.C. October 19 – 21, 2017.


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