Journal of the Middle East and Africa

UJME_final_1cThe histories, cultures, and peoples of the Middle East and Africa long have shared important commonalities. The traces of these linkages in current events as well as contemporary scholarly and popular discourse reminds us of how these two geopolitical spaces historically have been—and remain—very much connected to each other and central to world history.

The Journal of the Middle East and Africa, the flagship publication of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa (ASMEA), is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to include both the entire continent of Africa and the Middle East within its purview—exploring the historic social, economic, and political links between these two regions, as well as the modern challenges they face.

Interdisciplinary in its nature, the Journal of the Middle East and Africa approaches the regions from the perspectives of Middle Eastern and African studies as well as anthropology, economics, history, international law, political science, religion, security studies, women’s studies, and other disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. It seeks to promote new research to understand better the past and chart more clearly the future of scholarship on the regions.

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Editorial board


Dr. Franck Salameh - Boston College

Editorial Board:

Dr. Tricia Bacon - American University
Dr. Ibtissam Bouachrine - Smith College
Dr. Nathan P. Devir - University of Utah
Dr. Donna Robinson Divine - Smith College
Dr. Ricardo René Larémont - SUNY Binghamton
Dr. Luba Levin-Banchik - California State University, San Bernardino
Dr. Robert B. Lloyd - Palm Beach Atlantic University
Dr. Jeffrey R. Macris - United States Naval Academy
Dr. Joel D. Parker - Tel Aviv University
Dr. Gérard Prunier - Atlantic Council and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Dr. Philip Carl Salzman - McGill University
Dr. Kemal Silay - Indiana University
Dr. George L. Simpson, Jr. - High Point University
Dr. Norman A. Stillman - University of Oklahoma
Dr. Douglas E. Streusand - Marine Corps University

Book Review Editor:

Cole M. Bunzel - Stanford University

Managing Editor:

Suzanne Kurtz Sloan - Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa