2021 Research Grant Winners

Ms. Gbemisola Abiola (Harvard University)
In the Shadow of Boko Haram: Why Emplacement Matters in the Study of African Mobilities

Prof. Uriel Abulof (Cornell University, Tel Aviv University)
“Let My Soul Die Together”: Existential Emotions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dr. Sanaz Alasti (Lamar University)
Gender Discrimination in the Capital Punishment System of Iran

Dr. Bright Alozie (Portland State University)
“Let It Be Known that the Feminist Coven Did That”: Nigerian Women’s Activism and Coalition Against Police Brutality During the 2020 #EndSARS Protests

Dr. Shaul Bartal (Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar-Ilan University)
Heroes of Iran: The Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Dr. Lindsay Benstead (Portland State University)
Religious Ideology or Clientelism? Explaining Voter Preferences in Tunisia's Transitional Elections

Prof. Nergis Canefe (York University, Toronto)
The Past is a Foreign Country: Unorthodox Minorities and the Middle Eastern State

Dr. Nathan Devir (University of Utah)
Culture-Bound Psychopathology or Supernatural Reality? A West African Case Study of Psychotherapeutic Strategies for Improving the Welfare of Patients in Spiritual Crisis

Dr. Felipe Pathé Duarte (NOVA School of Law)
Jihad, Gas and Governance? The Insurgency in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Mr. Tamas Dudlak (Corvinus University of Budapest)
Sanctions again? An assessment of Iranian hydrocarbon export opportunities under the latest sanctions regime

Prof. Sherin El Gendi (Ain Shams University)
Egypt After Covid-19: Economic and Social Impacts

Mrs. Lilian Estafanous (Queen's University)
Religious Minorities in Diaspora: A Study of the Political Mobilization of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Community in Canada and the United States

Dr. Miaad Hassan (University of Florida)
Islamism and Regime Transition in the Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Dilara Hekimci (Florida International University)
Opposition Strategies towards Populism in Turkey: Social Media as an Alternative in 2018 Election?

Dr. Or Honig (Tokyo International University)
The Israeli Art of Reducing Enemy Military capacity: the changing Importance of a Novel strategy in the larger security doctrine

Dr. Gunther Jikeli (Indiana University)
Perspectives and Attitudes of Syrian-Kurdish Refugees in Germany on The Middle East

Prof. Austin Knuppe (Utah State University)
The Civilian's Dilemma: How Religious and Ethnic Minorities Survived the Islamic State Occupation of Northern Iraq

Dr. Andrew Kurt (Clayton State University)
Between Holy War and Symbiosis in the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia’s Position Between Red Sea Sultanates and Mamluk Egypt (1270-1543)

Prof. Christopher Lynch (Carthage College)
Principle and Prudence: An Analysis of the United States' Interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq

Mr. Oliver McPherson-Smith (University of Oxford)
Hidden in Plain Sight: Interest Group Lobbying under Nigeria’s Military and Civilian Regimes

Prof. William Miles (Northeastern University)
After Israel's Nationality Law of 2018: Is the "Blood Covenant" Broken for the Druze?

Dr. Daisy Muibu (University of Alabama)
Security Force Assistance at the Periphery: Examining Legitimacy and Public Cooperation With Regional Militarized Actors

Dr. Dan Naor (Ariel University)
Was the 1982 War a Deviation from the Israeli Security Doctrine?

Dr. Dilan Okcuoglu (American University)
State-Building and Borderlands: Control of the Turkish State on an Everyday Level

Dr. Daher Rashed (Eotvos Lorand University-Faculty of Humanities)
History of the Druze in Egypt and Syria before the Mamluk era

Ms. Hannah Ridge (Duke University)
Democratic Culture and Support for Tunisian Democracy: A Cluster Analysis

Dr. Franck Salameh (Boston College)
The War of Famine and the Starvation of Ottoman Mount-Lebanon

Ms. Kimberly Shella (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
Does Land Tenure Explain Majority-Minority Ethnic Conflict? Indigenous versus Immigrant Ethnic Conflict in Africa

Dr. Avi Shilon (New York University)
A Populist Leader Under Neo-Liberal Logic: On the Leadership pattern of Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2019-2021 Elections

Dr. Consolata Sulley (University of Dar es Salaam)
Do party women’s wings matter for gender representation? Lessons from Tanzania

Dr. Charlotte Walker-Said (John Jay College of Criminal Jusice-City University of New York [CUNY])
Church and State in the Struggle for Economic Rights and Human Dignity in Central Africa at the End of Empire

Mr. Michael Yekple (University of Central Florida)
African Democracies and the Democratic Peace: Survey Experiments in Ghana and Nigeria

Dr. Besim Zirh (Middle East Technical University)
Turkey’s New Diaspora-Making Policy and Alevis in Europe