2024 Bernard Lewis Prize

European anti-Semitism, in both its theological and racist versions, was essentially alien to Islamic traditions, culture, and modes of thought. But to an astonishing degree, the ideas, the literature, even the crudest inventions of the Nazis and their predecessors have been internalized and Islamized. The major themes—poisoning the wells, the invented Talmud quotations, ritual murder, the hatred of mankind, the Masonic and other conspiracy theories, taking over the world—remain; but with an Islamic, even a Qur’anic twist.

- Prof. Bernard Lewis

The 2024 Bernard Lewis Prize is awarded to scholars or practitioners engaged in the study of issues on antisemitism that were of great importance to our founding chairman, Prof. Bernard Lewis. While Christian antisemitism is well-studied, a stigma remains around addressing antisemitism in the Muslim world. Beyond this, relatively few scholars focus on the Middle Eastern dimensions of Christian antisemitism in religious and cultural terms, much less the political impacts in the West.

The Bernard Lewis Prize will award published or unpublished work that addresses the aforementioned issues in the form of an article, book or book chapter. Recipients of the $2,500 prize will be announced and awarded at the Seventeenth Annual ASMEA Conference in Washington, D.C. on November 2 - 4, 2024. Additionally, all finalists will present and discuss their work during the Conference. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2024Download a flyer.

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Applicants must submit the following items via the online application portal:

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  • 750 word abstract of the submission
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  • Letter of Reference
  • Answer to essay question within the application
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