Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference
Past, Present and Future in the Middle East and Africa

The 2019 Conference featured:

  • Opening remarks delivered by Ambassador Alberto M. Fernandez, president of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.
  • Keynote Presentation by Samuel Tadros, Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom and Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Middle Eastern Studies at the Hoover Institution.
  • Banquet Luncheon and professional networking reception.
  • Inaugural Undergraduate Poster Presentation Competition.
  • Roundtable discussions.
  • Presentations on scholarly topics from Middle Eastern and African studies, and related disciplines.
  • Film screenings.
  • Publishers’ displays of the latest academic titles.

View the Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference Schedule here. View videos from the conference here.

Check out the 2019 Best Paper Prize, Poster winners, and Research and Travel Grant awardees here.

2019 ASMEA Conference was featured on the Al-Hurra TV show "Sam & Ammar."