2021 Bernard Lewis Prize

The 2021 Bernard Lewis Prize awarded scholars and practitioners engaged in the study of issues on antisemitism that were of great importance to our founding chairman, Prof. Bernard Lewis.

While Christian antisemitism is well-studied, a stigma remains around addressing antisemitism in the Muslim world. Beyond this, relatively few scholars focus on the Middle Eastern dimensions of Christian antisemitism in religious and cultural terms, much less the political impacts in the West.

Below are the four winners of the 2021 Bernard Lewis Prize:

Islam and Judaism: Religious Attitudes and Identity in the Medinan Era
(Mr. Mohammed Ahmed, Cambridge University)

Turkey’s Islamists, Anti-semitism, and the Palestinian Quesiton, 1908 - 1959
(Dr. Tuba Unlu Bilgic, Middle East Technical University)

Depicting the Jew in Early Cold War Turkey: The Formation of Israel and the First Arab-Israeli War in Turkish Humor Magazines
(Mr. Semih Gokatalay, University of California, San Diego)

The Roots of Muslim anti-Judaism and its Links to Modern Arab Antisemitism
(Prof. Jacob Lassner, Northwestern University)

*Featured in above photo are winners, Prof. Jacob Lassner and Dr. Tuba Unlu Bilgic, at the Fourteenth Annual ASMEA Conference.