2022 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Kyle Allen (University of North Texas)
Islamic Ties and Rebel Territorial Control in African Armed Conflicts

Mr. Sean Ashley (Harvard University)
When Springs Become Winters: How Armed Actors Hijack Nonviolent Revolutions

Dr. Lindsay Benstead (Portland State University)
Dominant Party Affiliation and Perceived Institutional Performance: Evidence from Local Governance in Algeria

Dr. Tamás Dudlák (Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest)
Beyond the Invisible Borders. Turkey, the Kurds, and the Syrian-Iraqi Borderland

Mr. Yogev Elbaz (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
A Dress Rehearsal? The Secret Relations Between Israel and Christians in Lebanon (1968-1970)

Mr. Omri Elmaleh (Brown University)
In the Service of which Nation: Immigrants as Non-Governmental Agents of Trans-Border Economic Policies

Dr. Ioannis Grigoriadis (Bilkent University)
“Our Armenians” or “Enemy Within”: Turkey’s Armenian Minority in the AKP Era

Dr. Ofer Israeli (Reichman University [IDC] Herzliya, Israel)
Complex Effects of International Relations

Mr. Jozsef Kadar (University of Haifa)
European Green Deal as the European Foreign and Security Policy tool

Dr. D Gershon Lewental (University of Oklahoma)
Sāsānian War Elephants and Islamic Historical Memory

Mr. Asher Lubotzky (Indiana University)
The Other Radicals: Zionist-Socialist Youth in Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1970

Dr. Aldrin Magaya (DePauw University)
Family, Sexualities, and the Zimbabwean Roman Catholic Church in Late Twentieth Century Moto Magazine

Dr. Cindy May (Lancaster University)
Terrorism, Territory, and Social Movements: An Evolution of Fourth Wave Terrorism

Mr. Oliver McPherson-Smith (Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
The Politics of Cryptocurrency Regulation in Africa

Dr. Hannah Ridge (University of Chicago)
Wasta and Democratic Attitudes in the Middle East

Dr. Adi Schwartz (Bar-Ilan University)
The Oslo Accords after Thirty Years: A Missed Opportunity to Achieve Israeli-Palestinian Peace, or a Grand Diplomatic Deception?

Dr. Lindsay Scorgie (Huron College, University of Western Ontario)
Localized Borderland Rebellion or Global Jihadist Group?

Dr. Avi Shilon (New York University)
On Menachem Begin's Changing Image in Israeli Society

Dr. Ilias Tasopoulos (University of Peloponnese)
International Intervention in the Middle East: The Arab Spring in Libya and Syria

Dr. Myriam Wissa (University of London)
Islam, the Coptic Church, and Aksūm in the Early Medieval Coptic and Arabic Writings: An Overview