2021 Travel Grant Winners

Prof. Jean Avenel (Université Paris 12)
Keeping a Geostrategic Influence East of the Suez Canal: France Policy in the Indian Ocean Area

Dr. Steven Childs (California State University, San Bernardino)
From Iraq to the Casbah: Lessons from Regional Urban Operations

Mr. Passmore Chishaka (Kent State University)
Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change in Dryland Environments: Lessons from Central Zimbabwe, 1992-2008

Dr. Stavros Drakoularakos (University of the Peloponnese)
Ontological Security Theory and the echoes of former empires: mnemonic mining in Turkey and Russia

Mr. Changwook Ju (Yale University)
Rainfall as an Instrument? Revisiting Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mr. Jozsef Kadar (University of Haifa)
German Political Foundations and the Israeli–Palestinian peace process through promoting energy transition

Dr. D Gershon Lewental (Shalem College)
‘The People have multiplied’, the narrative has multiplied: A Matn-cum-isnād analysis of the Bajīlah’s ‘fourth’

Dr. Edward Lynch (Hollins University)
Bypassing the Professionals: The Abraham Accords and the End of the Gulf Rift Crisis

Dr. Aldrin Magaya (DePauw University)
Women, Marriage, and the Church in Twentieth-Century Zimbabwe

Dr. Cindy May (London School of Economics and Political Science)
A Comprehensive Structural Typology for Terrorist Groups from Hierarchical to Territorial: Assessing Al Qaeda and the Islamic State’s Organizational Evolution

Mr. Taylan Paksoy (Bilkent University)
Global Turf War in Lebanon: Lebanese Elite and Contesting Geographic Visions during the 1958 Lebanon Crisis

Dr. Kivanç Ulusoy (Istanbul University)
Revising the Montreux Convention: A Key to the Geopolitics of the Black Sea