2019 Travel Grant Winners

Dr. Ramin Ahmadoghlu (Emory University)
The Azerbaijani Minority in Iran: The Rise of Contentious Azerbaijani Nationalism and the Struggle for Civil and Ethnic Rights

Ms. Maeda Ali (University of Kentucky)
The Governance Crisis between Muhammad Ali and the Ottoman Empire, and the British Policy

Mr. Lyes Benarbane (University of Minnesota)
Religious Rationality: The Humanist Islamism of Malek Bennabi

Dr. Bestami Bilgic (Baskent University)
The Turkish Islamists and the Kurdish Question, 1946-1980: A Historical Inquiry Into the Ideological Foundations Behind the Justice and Development Party’s Renunciation of the “Kurdish Opening”

Mr. Batuhan Bozdogan (Indiana University)
Resurgence of the Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey during the AKP Time

Prof. Nergis Canefe (York University)
The Fate of un-Orthodox Religious Minorities in the Post-Arab Spring Middle Eastern States

Mr. Mihai Chihaia (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi)
Engaging China in the Middle East: A Dilemma for Global Actors?

Dr. Paul Chiudza Banda (West Virginia University)
Regime Consolidation and Regime Change: The Role of the International Community in Malawi, 1964-1994

Ms. Laurence Côté-Roy (McGill University)
Morocco’s New Cities: Fostering Moderate Islam through Urban Mega-Developments

Mr. Nicholas DeAntonis (Fordham University)
The Transnational Fight to End the Saudi Arabian Slave Trade: The British Anti-Slavery Society, the African-American Press, and the American Jewish Congress, 1953-1960

Ms. Rima Farah (Brandeis University)
The Nationalization of Ethnicities in Israel: The Case of Christians, Muslims and Druzes

Dr. Ioannis Grigoriadis (Bilkent University)
Antioch’s Last Citizens: Turkey’s Arab-Speaking Greek Orthodox between Greece, Turkey and Syria

Dr. Mahmoud Hamad (Cairo University)
The Political Rule of the Courts in the 21st Century Egypt

Dr. Or Honig (Tokyo International University)
Fighting the Wrong Propaganda War: How the West Makes Mistakes in Its Attempts to Shape the Perceptions of the Islamic World

Dr. Ofer Israeli (Interdisciplinary Center [IDC] Herzliya)
U.S.-Iraq War (2003) Indirect Link of ISIS Rising

Mr. Gift Kayira (West Virginia University)
Malawi’s Foreign Policy and the Fruitless Search for Investment Capital, 1960s-1970s

Dr. Ibrahim Khatib (Harvard University)
Democratic Values and Reconciliation in Context of Protracted Conflict

Mr. Alexey Khlebnikov (Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod)
Russia’s Middle East Policy in a Changing Regional Environment: Assessing Causes and Challenges

Dr. D Gershon Lewental (Shalem College)
From Muʾtah and the Bridge to al-Yarmūk and al-Qādisiyyah: Echoes of Defeats and Victories in the Literature of Islamic Historical Writing

Mr. Asher Lubotzky (Indiana University)
The Ambiguous Nature of Settler Colonialism in Africa: Examination of Settlers’ Construction and Interpretation of Race and Nation in German Southwest Africa

Mr. Elai Rettig (Washington University in St Louis)
Oil Trade as an Entry Point into New Networks:  Israel and Turkey’s Quest for Oil

Prof. Randall Rogan (Wake Forest University)
Rawabi: An Alternative Palestinian Narrative

Mr. Jay Ryder (University of Melbourne)
The Concept of Death and its Role in ISIS’ Violence: Ideology, Intention, and Impact

Ms. Mariam Sedighi (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
The “Entrepreneur” as the Homo Economicus-Homo Relationalis in  Educational Discourses in Iran

Ms. Rana Shabb (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Leveraging Economic Sectors for Peace – Lessons from Lebanon

Dr. Rosemary Dawood (Waseda University)
Patriotism in the Coptic Church: Are Copts Disloyal for Addressing their Rights?

Dr. Gerald Steinberg (Bar-Ilan University)
Menachem Begin and the Egyptian-Israel Peace Treaty

Mrs. Mahshid Tavallai (Queen’s University)
The History of New Education in Iran: The Role of Islamic Ideology in Educational Reforms

Mr. Yunus Turhan (Osmaniye Korkut Ata University)
A Quest for a New Perspective on Turkey-Africa Relations: An Analysis on the Post-July 15 Era

Prof. Kivanc Ulusoy (Istanbul University)
Turkey and Israel: Changing Patterns of Alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean

Dr. Denis Volkov (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
Flying Away from the Bolshevik Winter: Soviet Refugees Across the Southern Borders (1917-1946)

Dr. Rami Zeedan (The University of Kansas)
The Palestinian Political Parties and Local Self-Governance during the British Mandate: Democracy and the Clan

Prof. Eyal Zisser (Tel Aviv University)
The Renewed Struggle for Syria – Russia, Iran, and Israel