2018 Research Grant Winners

Dr. Ramin Ahmadoghlu (Georgia Gwinett College)
Azerbaijani National Identity in Iran: Roots, Development, and Limits

Ms. Gbemisola Abiola (Harvard University)
Negotiating ‘Annoba’ life in the Wake of Boko Haram’s “Terrorism”

Ms. Yasmina Abouzzohour (University of Oxford)
Investigating Regime Survival in Arab Monarchies

Mr. Bright Alozie (West Virginia University)
“Female Voices on Ink”: The Sexual Politics of Petitions in Colonial Igboland, 1892-1960

Dr. Jochen Arndt (Virginia Military Institute)
Engineered “Zuluness”: Language, Education, and Ethnic Identity Formation in South Africa, 1835-1990

Ms. Sumru Atuk (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“It is in Your Fitrat to Die:” Neoliberal Conservatism, Strengthening the Traditional Family and Women’s Right to Life in Turkey

Dr. Tricia Bacon (American University)
The Domestication of al-Shabaab

Ms. Eloise Bertrand (University of Warwick)
The ‘CFOP institution’ in Burkina Faso: Palliative Polarization Despite Opposition Fragmentation

Prof. Alexander Bligh (Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel)
The Concept of “bargaining chips” in the Israeli POW Policy

Prof. Ibtissam Bouachrine (Smith College)
Muslim Women and the Rise of the New Expository Misogyny

Prof. Sercan Canbolat (University of Connecticut)
Do Middle Eastern Leaders Learn from Political Crisis? Empirical Evidence from the Post-Arab Uprisings Era

Prof. Nergis Canefe (York University)
Administrative Law, Good Governance and Redefining the Public Good: Emergent Trends in the Middle East

Ms. Rebecca Clendenen (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Political Power in Cultural Infrastructure: Heritage Policy and Outcomes in Republican Era Istanbul

Dr. Francisco del Rio Sanchez (University of Barcelona)
Revisiting Arab Tribalism

Dr. Nathan Devir (University of Utah)
Israel’s Immigration Policies and the Promotion of Genetic Testing: Empiricizing Definitional Criteria, Bolstering State Demographic Security, or Hastening the Messianic Era?

Ms. Zeynep Elbasan Bozdogan (Indiana University)
Early Modern Ottoman Writers and the Female Rage against Patriarchal Oppression

Mrs. Reyhan Erdogdu Basaran (Rice University)
Alid Cause or Shi`ite Sentiment: A Comparative Approach to the Alevi Buyruk Texts

Mr. Francis Gaudreault (University of Ottawa)
Chasing the “East Asian Miracle” in Africa?: A Case Study Analysis of the Rwandan Governance Reforms since 2000

Mr. Steven Gertz (Georgetown University)
Fatimids Fighting over Jerusalem: An Inter-religious or Intra-religious Matter?

Dr. Ioannis Grigoriadis (Bilkent Univesity)
Fear and Anger as Political Assets: Left vs. Right-Wing Populism in Greece and Turkey

Ms. Miaad Hassan (University of Florida)
The Caliphate’s Last Act: The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Dr. Yusri Hazran (Shalem College)
The Emigration of the Christians from the Arab Middle East – A New Reading

Ms. Isabelle Headrick (University of Texas at Austin)
A Family in Iran: Women Teachers, Minority Integration and Family Networks in the Jewish Schools of the Alliance Israélite Universelle in Iran, 1900-1950

Dr. Or Honig (Tokyo International University)
The Art of Great Power Diplomacy in the Middle East: The American Efforts to Court Worthy Regional Allies

Dr. Ofer Israeli (Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya)
The Roundabout Outcomes of the Soviet-Afghan War

Prof. Geoffrey Jensen (Virginia Military Institute)
Repression, Mass Murder, and a Failure to Make a Difference: Explaining the Political Ineffectiveness of Equatorial Guinean Exiles during the Macías Dictatorship, 1968-1979

Mr. Abdulbasit Kassim (Rice University)
Heresy, Apostasy and Unbelief: The Discursive Traditions of Takfīr in Hausaland and Bornu (1700-2017)

Prof. Kwang-Su Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Contextual Analysis of Bakongo People’s Identity Based on 2017 Political Changes of DRC: Based on Muanda Nsemi, BDK and BDM

Mr. Andrew Marshall (Georgetown University)
Language Policy as Power Play: Kenyatta’s Imposition of Kiswahili on the Kenyan National Assembly

Dr. Francisco Javier Martinez (University of Évora)
To Modernize or Not to Modernize? Biographical Approaches to Science and Imperialism in Late 19th Century Morocco

Mrs. Ayse Nal (University of Washington)
Contemporary Water Conflicts and Resistance in Turkey’s Black Sea Region

Dr. Opolot Okia (Wright State University)
Women and Emergency Communal Labor During the Mau Mau War, 1953-1960

Mr. Ozgur Ozkan (University of Washington)
Organizational Cultural and Structural Sources of the Turkish Military’s Enduring Interventionism

Mr. Aykut Ozturk` (Syracuse University)
Where Did It Go Wrong: Islamism, Post-Islamism And Muslimism In Islamic Civil Society in Turkey

Ms. Darci Pauser (Syracuse University)
The Risky Business of Water Allocation: Domestic and International Pressures for Water Management in Israel

Mr. Kevin Petit (National Intelligence University)
Extraordinary Amnesia: Alliance, Defection, and the Sunni Insurgent-Al Qaeda-ISIS Nexus in Iraq

Dr. Daniel Rickenbacher (University of Zurich)
The Beginnings of Political Islam in Switzerland: Said Ramadan’s Muslim Brotherhood Mosque in Geneva and the Swiss Authorities

Mr. Jeremiah Rozman (University of Virginia)
Socializing the PLO: Testing a Bargaining Framework Based on a New Non-State Actor Typology

Dr. Bala Saho (The University of Oklahoma)
Performing Infertility: Kaneleng Women and Infertility in The Gambia

Dr. Ron Schleifer (Ariel University)
The Russian Media as a Promoter of the State Interests: The Case of the Military Conflict in Syria

Dr. Priscilla Shilaro (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Globalization and Mineral Exploitation: A Case Study of the Kwale Titanium Mining Project, Kenya

Dr. Devin Stewart (Emory University)
The Historical Roles of Jihad in Sunni-Shiite Relations

Ms. Caroline Tynan (Temple University)
From Co-optation to Aggressive Legitimation: The Evolution of Saudi Regime Survival Strategies in the Wake of the Arab Spring

Dr. Deborah Wheeler (United States Naval Academy)
Saudi Women Driving Change: Re-branding, Resistance and the Kingdom of Fun?

Dr. Myriam Wissa (University of London)
God’s Mystic Revisited: Dhu’l Nun al-Misri Thought and its Late Antique Context

Ms. Asmaa Yaseen (University of Kansas)
Effect of Terrorism on Labor Market: Case Study of Iraq

Mr. Iku Yoshimoto (The Ohio State University)
Terrorist Threats, General Budget Support, and State Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa