2016 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Vahid Abedini (Florida International University 
The Portrait of Generational Conflict in Iran

Prof. Abdallah Alashaal (Cairo University)              
The Potential Impact of Vienna Deal on Regional Issues

Prof. Alexander Bligh (Ariel University)
Typology of Radical Islamic Movements and Terror Networks in the Emerging Muslim Nation States of Central Asia: The Crimea as a Test Case

Mr. Lewis Bradford (Indiana University)
You are Just Saharawi: Negotiating and Constructing New Racial Subjectivities in Meknes, Morocco

Mr. Sercan Canbolat (University of Connecticut)
Yesterday’s ‘Rogues,’ Today’s ‘Allies?’ Unraveling the Operational Codes of Ali Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani, and Ali Larijani

Dr. Nancy Demerdash (DePaul University)
Victor Valensi’s L’Habitation Tunisienne (1928): Jewish Perspectives on Pluralist Vernacular Modernities in Tunisia

Mr. Elie Elias (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik)
Beirut Experience: Fighting Terrorism in Lebanon during the 70’s and the 80’s

Prof. Banu Eligur (Baskent University)
Turkish Experiment in Nation-Building: An Assessment of Modernism and Ethno-Symbolism in Nationalism Theory

Mrs. Reyhan Erdogdu Basaran (Rice University)
The Assessment of the Current Scholarship that Associates Alevis either with Shi`ism or Sunnism

Dr. Ahmed Ferhadi (New York University)
Politics of Standardizing the Kurdish Language

Mr. Maurizio Geri (Old Dominion University)
The Treatment of Ethnic Minorities in Democratizing Muslim Majority Countries: The Securitization of Kurds in Turkey Versus the Autonomization of Acehnese in Indonesia

Dr. Robin Hardy (Montana State University)
Jihad and the West: Lessons from West Africa in the Nineteenth Century and Today

Dr. Isa Karasioglu (Columbia University)
Iranian Hegemonic Endeavors in Azerbaijan: The Case of Nardaran

Ms. Andrea Morris (University of Rochester)
Rethinking Wartime Rape: Sexual Violence in Darfur

Mr. Michael Pesses (Claremont Graduate University)
Globalization Über Alles:  Framing the 1956 Suez Crisis within America’s Economic Project

Ms. Khadijeh Salimi (Old Dominion University)
A Comparative Study on Leading Factors of Messianic Movements during the First Islamic Centuries in Iran: Abu Muslim and Al-Muqanna

Dr. Ron Schleifer (Ariel University)
The Arab-Israeli Conflict on the Virtual Battleground – the Role of Video Games

Ms. Hannah Scott Deuchar (New York University)
The Jewish Union and the Crescent Moon: Popular Poetry and Contentious Politics in the Cairene Karaite Journal al-Ittiād al- Isra’īlī, 1924-28

Mr. Doruk Tatar (University at Buffalo)
Paranoia and Conspiracy Discourse in Turkish Literature

Mr. Bashir Tofangsazi (Ohio State University)
After the Spring: Movement Emergence versus Movement Outcomes in the Arab Spring

Mr. Caner Yelbaşı (SOAS, University of London)
Civil War and Disorder in the Western Anatolia: Circassian Opposition to the Nationalists of Ankara in 1923

Ms. S. Ladan Zarabadi (University of Cincinnati)
Women in the Streets: A Manifestation of Soft-Power (A Critical Analysis of Sexism in Public Spaces in Iranian Cities)

Dr. Rami Zeedan (The Open University of Israel)
The Joint List and the National Leadership of the Arab-Palestinians in Israel: A New Level of Leadership?

Mrs. Armaghan Ziaee (University of Cincinnati)
Eyes are Following Me: The Root of Iranian Women’s Self-surveillance