2016 Research Grant Winners

Mr. Ahmad Agbaria (University of Texas at Austin)
Society Without Consensus: The Drift Away from Piety Politics in Post-1967 Arab Thought

Ms. Esra Bakkalbasioglu (University of Washington)
Accessing to Infrastructure: Struggles over Regional Development in Israel and Turkey

Dr. Shaul Bartal (Bar-Ilan University)
What is Left of Palestine’s Eighty-Year-Old Partition Plan?

Mr. Daniel Brown (University of Oklahoma)
“How Far ‘Above the Fray’?: Jordan and the Mechanisms of Monarchical Advantage in the Arab Spring Uprisings

Prof. Nergis Canefe (York University) 
“Who is the State–I am the People” Politics of Large-Scale Extraction and Mining Projects in ‘New Turkey’

Dr. Ronen A. Cohen (Ariel University)
Diaspora and Yearning – The Iranian Exile’s Diluted Identity

Dr. Nathan Devir (University of Utah)
African Judaizing Movements and the Question of Polygamy: Perspectives from Cameroon

Ms. Kirstie Dobbs (Loyola University Chicago)
Active on the Street but Apathetic at the Ballot Box? Evolving Political Behavior of Tunisian Youth During the Post-Revolutionary Era, 2011-Present

Ms. Jennifer Doherty (George Washington University)
Managing the Majority: How are Distributive Goods Used to Maintain Public Support for Ethnic-Minority Regimes in Sub-Saharan Africa? A Uganda Case Study

Ms. Elif Ege (SUNY University at Buffalo)
Organizing Around November 25th: Transnational Connections of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Turkey

Dr. Ole Frahm (Bogazici University)
Alternative Identities and the State in Contemporary Turkey

Mr. Zachary Karazsia (Florida International University)
The Common Enemy: Case Studies of LGBT Resilience in Authoritarian Regimes

Mr. William Keniston (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
The Troubled Mind of Apartheid: Black Consciousness & White Radicals Through the Eyes of the 1972 Schlebusch Commission

Dr. Paul Kubicek (Oakland University)
Democratization and Gender Equality in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Yossi Mann (Bar-Ilan University)
OPEC and the New Era in the World Oil Market

Dr. Francisco Javier Martinez (University of Évora)
Mad at Tangier: Mental Pathologies, Hygienic Discourses and International Competition over Morocco, 1912-1929

Mr. Gonçalo Matos Ramos (University of Lisbon)
Christians and Muslims in Western Mediterranean: Assessing the Territorial and Political Impact of the Portuguese in Morocco, 1415-1471

Dr. Jamie Miller (University of Pittsburgh)
“Africa and Providence have been good to us”: Apartheid South Africa and the Politics of Development

Dr. Dan Naor (Bar-Ilan University)
The Formation of the Israeli Security Zone in South Lebanon: Origins and Motives

Dr. Maite Ojeda-Mata (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
The Tzaddik: Human Power and Divine Power in Colonial Morocco

Dr. Amanda Poole (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Rethinking the Politics of Refugee Hosting States in Africa: An Ethnographic Study of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Mr. James Riggan (Florida State University)
Qur’anic First-Aid in Morocco: Healing Bodies and Making Spaces

Ms. Defne Sarsilmaz (Florida International University)
Project Motherland: Antakya’s Annexation in 1939 and its Implications for its Arab Alawite Population

Mr. Michael Schumacher (Loyola University Chicago)
Moroccan Foreign Policy: Challenges of Democratization in a Hybrid Regime

Mr. Orçun Selçuk (Florida International University)
Ideology vs. Affection: Leader Polarization in Turkey

Prof. George Simpson (High Point University)
Seeking Gandhi, Finding Khomeini

Mr. Eoghan Stafford (University of California, Los Angeles)
Stop the Presses: Censorship and Media Reform in Ben Ali’s Tunisia

Prof. Ilkka Syvanne (University of Haifa)
Holy War and a Place in Paradise? Development of the East Roman Holy War in its Middle Eastern and Imperial Context from the Fifth Century until the Eleventh Century

Prof. Eliezer Tauber (Bar-Ilan University)
Deir Yassin as a Trigger for the Palestinian Exodus, 1948

Mr. Tommaso Virgili (University of Haifa)
The Market has Run Out of Jasmins: How the Tunisian Revolution Betrayed Atheists and Homosexuals

Mr. Samuel Willner (University of Haifa)
Maritime Navigation, Energy Security and Peace Dividend – Exploring the Historic Developments of the Mediterranean Dead Sea Project

Dr. Myriam Wissa (University of London)
The Conscription of Egyptian Christian Sailors in Medieval Muslim Naval Warfare: Taking the Long View

Dr. Jan Zahorik (University of West Bohemia)
Politics, Ethnicity, and the Addis Ababa Master Plan

Mrs. Mahshid Zandi (Arizona State University)
Governing the Commemoration of the Iraq-Iran War in its Battlefields: Conjuring Up the Shi`i “Origin”

Dr. Ido Zelkovitz (Max Stern Yezreel Valley College)
Stamps, Post, and the Creation of a New Palestinian Socio-Political Order, 1994-2000

Dr. Sherifa Zuhur (University of California, Berkeley)
Discourses of Public Behavior in Egypt: Business as Usual or Justice Served? A Counterrevolutionary Tale of Pirates, Bullies and Demagogues