2015 Travel Grant Winners

Prof. Mohammed Akacem (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Middle East Oil and Global Finance: The Role of MENA’s Sovereign Wealth Funds

Ms. Kira Allmann (University of Oxford)
Painting Down the Barricades: Public Art and Resistance Between Online and Offline Spaces in Egypt

Dr. Harel Chorev (Tel Aviv University)
Elite Families Organizations in the Fertile Crescent: A New Analysis

Mr. Ricardo Crespo (University of California, Riverside)
President Obama, Just War and War with ISIS: Examining the Historical Christian Ethic of War and its Relevance to the Ongoing Conflict Against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

Prof. Banu Eligur (Başkent University)
The 1934 Anti-Jewish Thrace Riots: The Jewish Exodus of Thrace Through the Lens of Nationalism and Collective Violence

Mr. Zachary Karazsia (Florida International University)
The Origins of Genocide and Mass Killing: A Spatial Model of Génocidaires

Dr. Emad Khazraee (Kent State University)
Evolution of Digital Repertoires of Action in Iran

Dr. D Gershon Lewental (University of Oklahoma)
Derafsh-e kāveyān: The Pre-Islamic Iranian National Standard in Myth, History, and Memory

Dr. Jamie Miller (University of Pittsburgh)
Advocating State-Building: The Marxist Project in Post-Colonial Africa

Ms. Kelsey Norman (University of California, Irvine)
Between Europe and Africa: Morocco as a Country of Immigration

Mr. Ian Oxnevad (University of California, Riverside)
The Caliphate’s Gold: The Islamic State’s Monetary Policy and its Implications

Capt. Kristin Pearson (United States Air Force Academy)
Uganda: Perfection of Post-Conflict Stability or Ticking Time Bomb?

Capt. Alex Pedersen (United States Air Force Academy)
Uganda: Perfection of Post-Conflict Stability or Ticking Time Bomb?

Dr. Hilla Peled-Shapira (Bar-Ilan University and Ariel University)
Clashes Between Intellectuals and the Regime in Monarchic Iraq as Reflected in Two Short Stories from the 1950s

Mr. Moritz Pieper (University of Kent)
The Transatlantic Dialogue on Iran after a Nuclear Agreement

Mrs. Somayeh Khodaei Moshirabad (National University of Malaysia)
The Revolutionary Guards: From Spoilers to Supporters of the Nuclear Deal

Gangzheng She (Brandeis University)
The Dragon and the Lion: Twists and Turns of the Sino-Israeli Relations, 1948-2015

Mr. Matthew Suppenbach (University of Central Missouri)
Lone Wolf Terrorism in the Middle East

Mr. Samuel Willner (University of Haifa)
The Race Between the Eagle and the Bear: A Historic Perspective on Conflicting US-Russian Interests and Hegemony in the Middle East in the 1960’s and Early 1970’s

Ms. S. Ladan Zarabadi (University of Cincinnati)
Public Squares: A Place of Memory – A Message of Democracy

Dr. Sherifa Zuhur (University of California, Berkeley)
The Challenge of Terrorism and Armed Groups in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula