2014 Research Grant Winners

Prof. Ibigbolade Aderibigbe (University of Georgia)
Homosexuality: Yoruba traditional and Contemporary Cultural Perspectives

Mr. Ramin Ahmadoghlu (University of Cincinnati)
The First Republic of the Islamic World: The Establishment Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918

Dr. Sanaz Alasti (Lamar University)
Study of Inhuman Punishments for Consensual Homosexual Acts in the Middle East and West: Comparative Perspective

Mr. Eliot Assoudeh (University of Nevada)
Ahmadinejad’s Apocalyptic Thinking and Sacralisation of Politics in Iran

Dr. Irit Back (Tel Aviv University)
From West Africa to Mecca and Jerusalem: The Tijāiniyya on the Hajj Routes

Mr. Michael Broache (Columbia University)
International Criminal Prosecutions and Atrocities in DRC: A Case Study of the FDLR

Mrs. Feyza Burak-Adli (Boston University)
A Female Sufi Authority at the Intersection of Islamism, Secularism, Modernism and Globalization in Turkey: Cemalnur Sargut

Prof. Nergis Canefe (York University)
Ethics of Populist Politics in Contemporary Turkey: A Comparative Analysis of Conservative Islam in the Middle East

Ms. Amal Cavender (Purdue University)
Jewish Minority in Nineteenth Century Morocco: A Culture and an Engine of Modernity

Mr. Jasper Cooper (Columbia University)
The Logistics of Extortion: A Multi-Level Inquiry Into Corruption Along West Africa’s Main Trade Corridors

Dr. Francisco del Rio Sanchez (University of Barcelona)
The Rejection of Muhammad’s Message by Jews and Christians and Its Effect on Islamic Theological Argumentation

Ms. Rahel Fischbach (Georgetown University)
Contesting Method. Muslim Responses to the Application of the Historical-Critical Approach to the Qur’ān

Dr. Brandon Friedman (Tel Aviv University)
Energy and International Order: Putin’s Russia in the Post-Saddam Middle East

Dr. Nikolas Gardner (Royal Military College of Canada)
The Limits of the Sandhurst Connection: The Evolution of Oman’s Foreign and Defense Policy, 1970-1977

Ms. Nilsu Goren (University of Maryland)
Rivalry, Enmity, or Amity? Turkey-Iran Cooperation

Prof. Mehmet Gurses (Florida Atlantic University)
Islamists and Women’s Rights: Lessons from Turkey

Mr. Benjamin Harper (Florida State University)
Atomic Diplomacy and the Iranian Crisis: The Birth of a Global Cold War

Ms. Kristin Hissong (King’s College London)
Dynamic Belonging: Moroccan Jews and the Development of Nationalist Narratives in French Protectorate Morocco

Dr. Or Honig (Tel Aviv University)
Post-defeat State Behavior and the Collapse of Deterrence Regimes: A Rational Choice Perspective

Ms. Naglaa Hussein (Howard University)
Egyptians Or Nubians? The Plight of Nubian Egyptians and Arab Nationalism

Ms. Aysegul Kayagil (The New School for Social Research)
Descendants of Slaves: People of African Origin in Turkey

Dr. Chad Kia (Harvard University)
Towards a Social History of Persian Painting: Artisan Guilds and the Symbolic Order in Early Safavid Iran

Ms. Zoe LeBlanc (Vanderbilt University)
Toward the African Revolution: The United Arab Republic’s Role in Pan-Africanism

Dr. Eric Lob (Brandeis University)
The Overseas Operations of the Iranian Construction and Agricultural Jihad in Sub-Saharan Africa (1985-2009)

Mr. Nicholas Lotito (Columbia University)
Democratizing Tunisia’s Security Sector

Prof. Jeffrey Macris (US Naval Academy)
Population and Economic Activities of the Non-ruling Classes in the Trucial Arab Emirates: The 1901 Census Captain

Prof. W. Matt Malczycki (Auburn University)
Crafting a Sunni Past in Early Islamic North Africa

Ms. Lucía Medea-García (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Social Implications of the Analysis of Linguistic Change in Arabic

Ms. Renanah Miles (Columbia University)
The Strategic Logic of Unclaimed Terrorism

Ms. Anna Kapambwe Mwaba (University of Florida)
20 Years of Democracy: The Role of Party Politics Malawi

Dr. Asher Orkaby (Harvard University)
Israel’s International Squadron

Dr. Joel D. Parker (Tel Aviv University)
The Rashid ʿAli al-Kaylani Revolt and Syrian Youth: An Insider’s Account

Mr. Elad Popovich (Columbia Law School)
Israel-Hamas New-Media Wars (2008-2014): Does New-Media Could Win the International Public Hearts and Minds?

Mr. Massimo Ramaioli (Syracuse University)
Contentious Politics in the Arab Middle East: Muslim Religious Scholars and the Social Appropriation of Tradition

Dr. Nesya Rubinstein-Shemer (Bar-Ilan University)
Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: Between Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism

Prof. Bala Saho (University of Oklahoma)
Abusive Husbands and Complaining Wives: Divorce Hearings in the Muslim Court of Colonial Bathurst, the Gambia, 1905-1935

Prof. Franck Salameh (Boston College)
The Beirut Jewish Community and Early Twentieth Century Lebanese Nationalism

Ms. Stephanie Schwartz (Columbia University)
Homeward Bound: Migration and Peacebuilding in South Sudan and Burundi

Dr. Lindsay Scorgie-Porter (King’s University College)
Economic Survival and Borderland Rebellion: The Case of the Allied Democratic Forces on the Uganda-Congo Border

Prof. Aram Shahin (James Madison University)
Blinding and Mutilation: Methods of Suppression of Political Rivals in the Islamic World

Prof. George “Larry” Simpson (High Point University)
Cold War, Hot Summer: Superpower Involvement in the War of Attrition in 1970

Prof. Eliezer Tauber (Bar-Ilan University)
Deir Yassin: The Complete Story

Mrs. Joyce van de Bildt (Tel Aviv University)
The Quest for Legitimacy in Post-Revolutionary Egypt: Propaganda and Controlling Narratives

Ms. Marie van den Bosch (Princeton University)
Natural Resources and the Politics of Economic Diversification in Rentier States: An Expenditure-centered Framework to Explain Regime Survival

Dr. Esther Webman (Tel Aviv University)
The “Jew” as a Metaphor of Evil in Arab Public Discourse

Prof. Carl Wege (College of Coastal Georgia)
Urban and Rural Militia Organizations in Syria’s Less Governed Spaces

Prof. Carrie Wickham (Emory University)
What Went Wrong?: Brotherhood Perspectives on the Causes of Democratic Breakdown in Egypt

Mr. Kerem Yildirim (Koç University)
Clientelistic Continuity and Attitudinal Change in Turkey

Mr. Nimrod Zagagi (Tel Aviv University)
Urban Area and Hinterland: the case of Abadan 1910-1946

Prof. Jan Záhořík (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen)
External Factors and Their Impact on Internal Political Dynamics in Ethiopia

Ms. Sarah Zaides (University of Washington)
Tevye’s Ottoman Daughter: Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews at the End of Empire