2013 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Ramin Ahmadoglu (University of Cincinnati)
The Emergence of Azerbaijani Nationalism and State: The Secular Elite, Grievances, and Opportunity Structures

Mr. Eliott Assoudeh (University of Nevada, Reno)
The Impact of the Cold War on Military Expenditure–Economic Growth in the Middle East

Mrs. Mitra Assoudeh (University of Nevada, Reno)
The Impact of the Cold War on Military Expenditure–Economic Growth in the Middle East

Mr. Michael Bender (Florida International University)
India’s Relations with Israel from the 1980 to 1992: The “Threat” of Political Islam as a Unifying Factor

Ms. Haluk Baran Bingol (Kennesaw State University)
Kurdish Paradiplomacy and Protodiplomacy in World Practice: An Optimist Case in the Age of Global War

Ms. Elizabeth Buckner (Stanford University)
Privatizing the Public Good? The Politics and Policies of Private Higher Education in Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia

Ms. Angelita Chavez (University of Oregon)
Harmonizing Sharia and Figh with Gender Equality in Morocco

Ms. Tamer ElGindi (University of California, Irvine)
Income Inequality and Economic Globalization: A Longitudinal Study of 15 Muslim-Majority Countries (1963-2002)

Prof. Banu Eligür (Başkent University)
The Arab Spring: Implications for U.S.-Israeli Relations

Mr. Brian Humphreys (Rutgers University)
Old Symbols and New Purposes: Legitimating Military Power in Contemporary Iraq

Dr. Erica Hunter (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)
Coping in Kurdistan: The Christian Diaspora

Mr. Anshul Jain (Boston University)
Revolution, Resilience, and the Pirates’ Paradox: Food Subsidies,
Economic Complexity, and Regime Durability across the Middle East and North Africa

Ms. Kristen Kao (University of California, Los Angeles)
Distributive Politics and Electoral Systems in Ethnically Divided Societies: Preliminary Observations from Jordan

Dr. Jonathan Kriener (Ruhr University Bochum)
Local, Regional, and International “Borrowing and Lending” in Social Sciences at Egyptian and Lebanese Universities

Prof. Gershon Lewental (University of Oklahoma)
“First,” “Second,” and “Third” Battles of al-Qadisiyyah in Iraq, Palestine, and Syria: Early Islamic History and Memory in Radical Islamist Discourse

Prof. Ed Lynch (Hollins University)
France in Mali: The Face of American Retreat?

Ms. Tunay Oguz (University of New Mexico)
Changes in Women’s Empowerment in Turkey: Application of Oaxaca Decomposition

Mr. Asher Orkaby (Harvard University)
Soviet-Yemen Relations during the Yemeni Civil War

Prof. Jonathan Pidluzny (Morehead State University)
How Ataturk Built the Turkish Republic and the Failure of Islamic Democracy in Egypt, Iraq, and Gaza

Prof. Ali Raddaoui (University of Wyoming)
Arabic in the Lead-up to the Arab Spring: Fusion or Diffusion?

Ms. Ellen Jenny Ravndal (University of Oxford)
From Solving to Managing: The United Nations and the Palestine Problem, 1947-1949

Prof. Jean-Marc Rickli (Khalifa University)
Renewable Energy and Energy Security: A Niche Strategy for Small States in the Gulf

Prof. Sotirios Roussos (University of Peloponnese)
Globalization Processes and Christians in the Middle East: A Comparative Analysis

Mr. Onur Sen (Georgia State University)
Determinants of Turkey’s Aid Distribution to Sub-Saharan African Countries

Ms. Annie Tracy Samuel (Harvard Kennedy School)
Guarding the Nation: The Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Nationalism, and the Iran-Iraq War

Mr. Yehuda Shalem (Ariel University)
Deligitimization of Israel

Mrs. Joyce van de Bildt (Tel Aviv University)
Using Facebook as a Tool for Examining Collective Memory: The Emergence of “Nasser” Facebook Pages in Egypt

Mr. Denis Volkov (University of Manchester)
Individuals, Institutions and Discourses: Knowledge and Power in Russia’s Iranian Studies of the Late Imperial and Soviet Periods

Dr. Myriam Wissa (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)
Bashmur and its Last Uprising in the Early Abbasid Caliphate: What Yusab, the Coptic Patriarch, and Dionysius, the Syriac Patriarch, Meant by “Peace” in the History of the Patriarchs and the Annals

Mr. Chris Yordy (Carleton University)
Investing in Food Security in Egypt: Seeds from the People’s Spring

Prof. Jan Záhořík (University of West Bohemia)
Ethiopia’s Hegemony in the Horn of Africa: Internal Tensions and External Challenges Before and After Meles Zenawi