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Why U.S. Must Step Carefully in Syria

The popular uprising in Syria against the Alawi-led minority regime of Bashar al-Assad poses a serious challenge to U.S. national security in the Middle East. As it fights for its survival amid escalating violence, the Syrian regime risks not only the deepening of civil strife in the country, but also provoking sectarian strife in the [&hellip...    read more 

Why Iran Cannot be Allowed to Obtain Nuclear Weapons

As important as Iran’s track record of state supported terrorism, the best reason to prevent the country from obtaining nuclear weapons is the truly disturbing worldview of its leaders. The man who founded the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini, subscribed to a violent and aggressive form of Islam, teaching his followers [&hellip...    read more 

Is Morocco Immune to Upheaval?

The uprisings that swept across the Middle East and North Africa during 2011 have largely bypassed Morocco. The absence of tumult and the loudly trumpeted package of constitutional reform measures endorsed in a July 2011 national referendum[1] further strengthened Morocco’s favorable image in the West as a country that has mixed tradition with modernit...    read more 

We Must Not Forget the Price We Paid in Iraq

Seven weeks from now the last U.S. soldier will leave Iraq. Over nearly nine years, hundreds of thousands have preceded them; and 4471 have died of the experience. From Marine Major Jay Aubin, who fell to enemy fire on the very first day of combat, March 20, 2003, to Army Capt. Shawn Charles, who perished [&hellip...    read more 

Russia Seeks Syrian Foothold in Mideast

Storming out of a recent Security Council meeting after China and Russia vetoed a resolution condemning Syria’s ruthless clampdown on protestors, America’s U.N. ambassador Susan Rice expressed Washington’s “outrage” and labeled the veto “a cheap ruse by those who would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime than stand with the Syri...    read more 

Intolerant Arab Spring

The recent clashes in Cairo between peaceful Coptic protestors and Egyptian security forces are only the latest sad example of an old and recurring phenomenon: persecution of native non-Muslim minority communities in the world of Islam. The sequence leading up to this bloody event is a familiar one: a Coptic church in Upper Egypt was [&hellip...    read more 

Can Israel Survive?

Will Israel survive? That question hasn’t really been asked since 1967. Then, a far weaker Israel was surrounded on all sides by Arab dictatorships that were equipped with sophisticated weapons from their nuclear patron, the Soviet Union. But now, things are far worse for the Jewish state. Egyptian mobs just tried to storm the Israeli [&hellip...    read more 

Why Assad Isn’t Worried about Obama

Realizing that neither serious political reform nor a cessation of the brutal crackdown on Syrian revolutionaries are being considered by the Syrian regime, President Obama, after much hesitation and frustration, issued his call for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to step aside. Simultaneously, the leaders of Germany, France and Britain issued a joint state...    read more 

The Road to 9/11

“When those planes flew into those buildings, the luck of America ran out,” the essayist Leon Wieseltier wrote in the aftermath of our day of grief. We hadn’t been prepared for what, and who, came our way on that day. For a good long decade, we had been mesmerized by the financial markets, by Nasdaq [&hellip...    read more 

Top 5 Things Everyone Should Know about Syria

As the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Asad continues its brutal crackdown on the unrelenting Syrian revolutionaries, the debate over Syria in Washington has reached a feverish crescendo. Sober analysis seems to be going out the window. The five things everyone should know about Syria: 1) The Syrian regime is similar to a mafia regime, with [&hellip...    read more