Awards, Research & Travel Grants

2019 Travel Grant Winners

Dr. Ramin Ahmadoghlu (Emory University) The Azerbaijani Minority in Iran: The Rise of Contentious Azerbaijani Nationalism and the Struggle for Civil and Ethnic Rights Ms. Maeda Ali (University of Kentucky) The Governance Crisis between Muhammad Ali and the Ottoman Empire, and the British Policy Mr. Lyes Benarbane (University of Minnesota) Religious Rationali...    read more 

2019 Research Grant Winners

Mr. Bright Alozie (West Virginia University) “A Privileged Communicative Space”: Nigerian Soldiers’ Petitions During the Two World Wars Dr. Jochen Arndt (Virginia Military Institute) Decolonizing South Africa Identities Properly: Language, Identity, and Policy Mr. Chase Arnold (University of California, Berkeley) “The Cat’s Paw of Dictatorship”: ...    read more 

Bernard Lewis Memorial Prize

The Bernard Lewis Memorial Prize was instituted to achieve two goals. First, to sustain the memory of Professor Lewis and ensure his legacy as an example for other scholars to follow. Second, it recognizes a member of ASMEA who has demonstrated superior scholarship and dedication to objective truth in the field of Middle East studies. [&hellip...    read more 

2018 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Yona (Youness) Abeddour (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Negotiating and Performing Moroccan Identities: Second- and Third-Generation of Moroccan Jewish Immigrants to Israel Mr. Mihai Chihaia (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași) Can the European Union be a Security Provider in the Middle East? Dr. Steven Childs (California State Univer...    read more 

2018 Research Grant Winners

Dr. Ramin Ahmadoghlu (Georgia Gwinett College) Azerbaijani National Identity in Iran: Roots, Development, and Limits Ms. Gbemisola Abiola (Harvard University) Negotiating ‘Annoba’ life in the Wake of Boko Haram’s “Terrorism” Ms. Yasmina Abouzzohour (University of Oxford) Investigating Regime Survival in Arab Monarchies Mr. Bright ...    read more 

2017 Travel Grant Winners

Dr. Robert Barnidge (Chaminade College Preparatory School/University of Haifa) Anti-Zionism, Jus Cogens, and International Law: The Case of the Banjul Charter and Arab Charter Dr. Shaul Bartal (Bar-Ilan University) Rashid Ghannouchi’s Test: Political Islam and Democracy in Tunisia Dr. Lindsay Benstead (Portland State University) Does Electing Female Co...    read more 

2013 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Ramin Ahmadoglu (University of Cincinnati) The Emergence of Azerbaijani Nationalism and State: The Secular Elite, Grievances, and Opportunity Structures Mr. Eliott Assoudeh (University of Nevada, Reno) The Impact of the Cold War on Military Expenditure–Economic Growth in the Middle East Mrs. Mitra Assoudeh (University of Nevada, Reno) The Imp...    read more 

2014 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Benjamin Acosta (Claremont Graduate University) The Dynamics of Lebanon’s Democratization Prof. Mohammed Akacem (Metropolitan State University of Denver) Oil and Democracy in Algeria: Why has the Arab Spring Passed it By? Prof. Nicholas Al-Jeloo (University of Divinity) Between Iraq and a Hard Place: Assyrians in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the...    read more 

2015 Travel Grant Winners

Prof. Mohammed Akacem (Metropolitan State University of Denver) Middle East Oil and Global Finance: The Role of MENA’s Sovereign Wealth Funds Ms. Kira Allmann (University of Oxford) Painting Down the Barricades: Public Art and Resistance Between Online and Offline Spaces in Egypt Dr. Harel Chorev (Tel Aviv University) Elite Families Organiza...    read more 

2016 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Vahid Abedini (Florida International University  The Portrait of Generational Conflict in Iran Prof. Abdallah Alashaal (Cairo University)               The Potential Impact of Vienna Deal on Regional Issues Prof. Alexander Bligh (Ariel University) Typology of Radical Islamic Movements and Terror Networks in the Eme...    read more