The Six Day War at 50, Part 2

Discussant: Mr. Gideon Remez

Israeli Perceptions of the Relations with the International Committee of the Red Cross Between the 1967 War Ceasefire and the Outbreak of the 1973 War: From Coexistence to Open Hostility
(Alexander Bligh, Ministry of Science, Israel and Ariel University)

Israeli POWs & MIAs: A Never Ending Saga
(Adi Frimark, Bar-Ilan University)

Eliminating the Consequences of Aggression: Egypt’s Strategy after the 1967 War
(Michael Sharnoff, Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security)

On-Again, Off-Again: The Johnson Administration’s Approach to Nasser After the (June 1967) Six-Day War
(Gabriel Glickman, formerly King’s College London)

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