Journal of the Middle East and Africa, Volume 9, Issue 2

Below is the full table of contents for Volume 9, Issue 2 (April – June 2018):


The 1975 Congressional Feasibility Study on “Oil Fields as Military Objectives”: U.S.–Saudi Arabian relations and the repercussions of the 1973 Oil Crisis
(Samuel E. Willner)

Privatized Commemoration, Political Polarization, and the Cult of Atatürk since the Mid-1990s
(Anat Goldman)

Turnout in Transitional Elections: Who votes in Iraq?
(Ahmed Ezzeldin Mohamed)

What Difference Can It Make? Assessing the impact of gender equality and empowerment in matters of inheritance in Egypt
(Yasmin Khodary)

Conventional Secularism and the Humanization of Islam: Theory and practice of religious politics in Iran
(Ebrahim K. Soltani)

A Man for Others: The life and times of Lebanese Jesuit Henri Lammens (1862–1937)
(Franck Salameh)

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