Journal of the Middle East and Africa, Volume 8, Issue 2

Below is the full table of contents for Volume 8, Issue 2 (April – June 2017):


Military consequences of cultural perceptions: The Spanish army in Morocco, 1912–1927
(Geoffrey Jensen)

Cost of ruling: An examination of political business cycle, governmental accountability, and alternation in power in Ghana’s democracy
(George K. Keteku)

“An agonizing death”: 1980s U.S. policy on Iraqi chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War
(David M. Walker)

The battle over sovereignty: Stamps, post, and the creation of a new Palestinian socio-political order, 1994–2000
(Ido Zelkovitz)

Authoritarianism, jihadist ideology, and renewal of the religious discourse in Egypt
(Bosmat Yefet)

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