Journal of the Middle East and Africa Vol 3, Issue 2

Below is a full table of contents for Volume 3, Issue 2:


“Arabization and Its Discontents: The Rise of the Amazigh Movement in North Africa” (Bruce Maddy-Weitzman)

“Building Peace and the State in Somaliland: The Factors of Success” (Timothy A. Ridout)

“Responding to the Zimbabwe Crisis: Examining the Role of Preventive Diplomacy in Multi-Track Approaches toward Zimabwe, 2000-2009” (Allison Coady and Hussein Solomon)

“Becoming Samburu: The Ethnogenesis of a Pastoral People in Nineteenth-Century Northern Kenya” (George L. Simpson, Jr. and Peter Waweru)

“On the Fence: Negotiating Israel’s Security Barrier” (Robert B. Lloyd)

Book Reviews

“Africa’s Third Liberation” By Greg Mills and Jeffrey Herbst (Bronwyn E. Bruton)

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