Journal of the Middle East and Africa Vol 7, Issue 4

Below is the full table of contents for Volume 7, Issue 4 (October – December 2016):


Reading Khedival Khayamiya: Understanding the Epigrams of the Egyptian Tentmakers
(Sam Bowker and Seif El Rashidi)

The Atassis of Homs: The Rise and Decline of One of Syria’s Founding Families
(Joel D. Parker)

From Concessions to Repression: Explaining Regime Survival Strategies in Jordan
(Michael Makara)

Turkish Staatsvolk vs. Kurdish Identity: Denial of the Kurds in Turkish School Textbooks
(Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak)

Between Europe and Africa: Morocco as a Country of Immigration
(Kelsey P. Norman)

Lone Wolf Terrorism: The New Form of the Global Jihadist Movement?–Evidence from Afghanistan (1997-2013)
(Jennifer Varriale Carson and Matthew Suppenbach)


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