Journal of the Middle East and Africa Vol. 2, Issue 1

Below is a full table of contents for Volume 2, Issue 1:


“Between Africanism and Arabism: Libya’s Involvement in Sudan” (Prof. Yehudit Ronen)

“The Dangerous ‘Pragmatism’ of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” (Prof. J. Peter Pham)

“Moroccan Youth Go Sufi” (Prof. Khaled Bekkaoui and Prof. Ricardo René Larémont)

“Survey on Moroccan Youth: Perception and Participation in Sufi Orders – Evaluation and Interpretation” (Prof. Khaled BekkaouiProf. Ricardo René Larémont, and Prof. Sadik Rddad)

“Addressing Why Africa is Poor” (Dr. Greg Mills)

“The Troubled Waters of Africa: Piracy in the African Littoral” (Prof. Martin N. Murphy)

“Clothes to Kill For: Uniforms and Politics in Ottoman Armies” (Prof. John P. Dunn)

Book Reviews

“Orientalism and Islam: European Thinkers on Oriental Despotism in the Middle East and India” by Michael Curtis (Prof. Lewis Brownstein)

“Global Security Watch – Kenya” by Donovan Chau (Prof. George L. Simpson, Jr.)

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