Membership Overview

Membership in ASMEA is open to scholars, students, government employees, interested members of the public, and academic institutions engaged in the fields of Middle Eastern and African studies, and related fields. Membership is good for one year from your date of registration and includes the following benefits.

Become a Member

Individual Members

Full Members: $90
Professionals who are teaching/researching in the fields of Middle Eastern, African, or related disciplines, who have received a doctorate and/or have taught at the college/university level and/or who have made scholarly contributions to advance the pursuit of knowledge.

Student Members: $50
Full-time or part-time graduate or undergraduate students interested in these fields, or pursuing a degree in Middle Eastern, African, or related disciplines. Students will be asked to provide proof of their status annually.

Associate Members: $90
Individuals interested in the fields of Middle Eastern, African, or or related disciplines but are not pursuing a degree or teaching at a college/university.

Combined Members: $40
Spouses of members may join the Association under this membership category.

Life Members: $1,000
A one-time payment made by an individual will secure a life membership without the requirement of further dues payments. Life members must declare themselves a regular, student or associate member.

Institutional Members: $400
Academic institutions, associations, study centers, libraries, think tanks, and institutions from outside of the Academy are welcome to become members of ASMEA. Institutional members are assessed an annual fee, will receive one copy of the quarterly journal, and have access to all aspects of ASMEA except for the Job Bank. Institutional members also are precluded from receiving grants and awards.

Membership Benefits:

  • Journal of the Middle East and Africa – The flagship publication of ASMEA, is a peer-reviewed academic journal currently released four times a year.
  • Awards, Research and Travel Grants – Members engaged in research efforts fundamental to the mission of ASMEA are eligible to compete for awards and research and travel grants.
  • Discounted Registration Fees – Members receive discounted registration at the annual ASMEA conference and at special events.
  • Book Notes – Opportunities to receive and review the latest titles from top academic publishers.
  • Job Bank – Exclusive access to employment opportunities in these and related fields in the Academy and elsewhere.
  • ASMEA e-newsletter – The e-newsletter includes articles and opinion pieces by scholars and specialists, Members’ news, and association updates.


If you have questions, feel free to contact us at or 202-429-8860.

*Please note, membership dues are nonrefundable.