Member FAQs

I’m having trouble logging in, what link should I use?

Click here to login. If you continue to have issues contact

How long is a membership good for with ASMEA?

ASMEA Membership is good for one year from date of sign-up. When membership is about to expire or expires, renewal messages will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Are memberships automatically renewed?

No. We do not save credit card information or implement auto renewal. You will need to renew using the link provided in the email reminder or use this link here.

How can I obtain a receipt for my membership?

Email to request a receipt.

How can I change the email associated with my account?

An administrator will need to change your email address. Contact to update or change the email associated with your account.

I need to update details in my membership profile, how do I do this?

You can login to your account and make changes here. If you are updating your mailing address, you can update this in your member profile, but please also reach out to us directly at so we can be sure that our journal distributor, Taylor and Francis, is aware of any changes to their mailing list.

Does ASMEA have a membership directory I can access?

We do not publish member information at this time or have a directory we share.

How can I take advantage of the partnership between ASMEA and DC Internationals MESALI by using the 10% discount for one of their programs?

Contact Ross Kaplan at For members interested in one of the Morocco trips, please note that the member discount for ASMEA members cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount DC Internationals MESALI offers. In addition, travelers receive a 10% discount on the comprehensive package departing from either JFK or Dulles, while all other flights are the responsibility of the travelers.

I no longer want to be a member, how do I unsubscribe from membership renewal notices?

Please email to be removed from this list.