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Summer course in Israel open to non-Boston College students and to BC graduating seniors

Summer Course in Israel open to non-Boston College Students and to BC graduating seniors. “Mediterranean Conflations” reflects on a growing academic interest in the Middle East and Middle Eastern cultures, languages, religions, histories and identities. It is an introductory survey of the diverse religious, linguistic, and ethno-cultural communities of the Levant and Mediterranean Middle East; a region that has for millennia acted as a geographic, intellectual, and cultural crossroads and an intermediary between East and West. Due to the diverse ethno-cultural and linguistic nature of this region of the Middle East, and given its connections to Europeand the breadth of its historical and cultural heritage, the course will have a thematic rather than a chronological orientation. We will also visit various archaeological sites, cultural centers, and places of pilgrimage. Please contact Prof. Franck Salameh at

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