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ASMEA Member Shaul Bartal Publishes Latest Article

ASMEA Member Dr. Shaul Bartal published his article “The Next Generation: Old and New Trends among the Youth in Palestinian Society” in The Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies (Vol. 6, No. 2, Fall 2020)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat Publishes Two Articles in ISR

ASMEA member Sercan Canbolat published two articles with the International Studies Review (ISR). His solo piece is titled “Profiling Leaders in Arabic” and his co-authored work (with Dr. Ozgur Ozdamar and Dr. Michael Young) is titled “Profiling Leaders in Turkish.” Both articles were published in an February 2020 ISR Forum titled: “Coding in Tongue...    read more 

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat Publishes Article in APSA Newsletter

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat published his article, “Understanding Political Islamists’ Foreign Policy Rhetoric in their Native Language: A Turkish Operational Code Analysis Approach” in the newsletter for the American Political Science Association (APSA) Middle East and North Africa Politics Section (Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2020)...    read more 

Nikolay Kozhanov Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Dr. Nikolay Kozhanov published his paper “Saudi Arabia in Struggle for the Chinese Oil Market: the Price War as Necessity” in Gulf Insights (No. 26, April 2020). ...    read more 

ASMEA Member Salih Yasun Publishes Working Paper

ASMEA member Salih Yasun published his paper, “Bureaucrat-Local Politician Linkages and Hierarchical Local Governance in Emerging Democracies: A Case Study of Tunisia” in the GLD Working Paper Series. He received a 2019 Research Grant to support his research for this work and presented findings at the Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference...    read more 

ASMEA Member Kivanç Ulusoy Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Dr. Kıvanç Ulusoy has published his paper “Turkey and Israel: Changing Patterns of Alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean“ in the Journal of Balkans and Near Eastern Studies (Vol. 22, Issue 3). He received an ASMEA Research Grant for this paper in 2019 and also presented it at the Twelfth Annual ASMEA Conference...    read more 

ASMEA Member Laurens de Rooij Publishes Book

ASMEA Member Dr. Laurens de Rooij published his book, Islam in British media discourses: Understanding perceptions of Muslims in the news (Manchester University Press)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Shaul Bartal Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Dr. Shaul Bartal published his article “Rached Ghannouchi’s test: Political Islam and democracy in Tunisia” in  African Studies...    read more 

ASMEA Member Roie Yellinek Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Roie Yellinek published his article “How did China Win Over the Israeli People?” in the Middle East Institute’s essay series All About China...    read more 

ASMEA Member Joseph Spoerl Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Prof. Joseph Spoerl published his latest article “Parallels between Nazi and Islamist Anti-Semitism” in Jewish Political Studies Review, Volume 31, Number 1-...    read more