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Israel-Russia relations in the changed scenario in the Middle East

The defeat of ISIS, the emergence of Russia as the patron of the Assad regime, and President Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal of US forces from Syria have affected the policies and alliances of Israel, Iran, the US, and Russia with respect to that country, potentially leading to a wide-scale conflagration. To reduce the risk [&hellip...    read more 

Bernard Lewis Memorial Prize

The Bernard Lewis Memorial Prize was instituted to achieve two goals. First, to sustain the memory of Professor Lewis and ensure his legacy as an example for other scholars to follow. Second, it recognizes a member of ASMEA who has demonstrated superior scholarship and dedication to objective truth in the field of Middle East studies. [&hellip...    read more 

2018 Travel Grant Winners

Mr. Yona (Youness) Abeddour (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Negotiating and Performing Moroccan Identities: Second- and Third-Generation of Moroccan Jewish Immigrants to Israel Mr. Mihai Chihaia (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași) Can the European Union be a Security Provider in the Middle East? Dr. Steven Childs (California State Univer...    read more 

2018 Research Grant Winners

Dr. Ramin Ahmadoghlu (Georgia Gwinett College) Azerbaijani National Identity in Iran: Roots, Development, and Limits Ms. Gbemisola Abiola (Harvard University) Negotiating ‘Annoba’ life in the Wake of Boko Haram’s “Terrorism” Ms. Yasmina Abouzzohour (University of Oxford) Investigating Regime Survival in Arab Monarchies Mr. Bright ...    read more 

Why the West Should Care About the Turmoil in Armenia

National Security Advisor John Bolton is planning to visit the South Caucasus, a strategic mountainous region sandwiched between Russia, Turkey and Iran, which changed hands repeatedly between these imperial masters for the last one thousand years...    read more 

President Trump, Tell the Palestinians: No Negotiations Without Recognition of Jewish Self-Determination

The great promise of the letters exchanged between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Chairman Yasser Arafat in September 1993 was that Israel and the Palestinians (and the Arab world more generally) seemed on the cusp of peace...    read more 

Corruption Is China’s Friend in Its Quest to Dominate Africa

China’s economic expansion into Africa has benefited Beijing tremendously by allowing access to natural resources. Yet it forced the continent’s national governments to borrow heavily for infrastructure projects. Moreover, with China’s expansion came unmitigated corruption that no one bothers to hide anymore...    read more 

Chinese Aid and Investment Are Good for Africa

Next week, presidents and ministers from across Africa will make their way to Beijing for the seventh Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, a lavish pageant designed to showcase China’s engagement with African nations. At the last FOCAC, Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged a massive $60 billion in commercial loans to Africa, a sum that far outstrips U.S. le...    read more 

Lessons from the Past? France, Algeria and the One-State Reality

Time marches on, and events that were defining moments for my generation are, at best, familiar to today’s students only through school text books or grainy YouTube footage. Fifty-one years have now passed since Israel conquered the remaining areas of former British Mandated Palestine in a defensive war, sparking in return, the rise of a [&hellip...    read more 

The Reckoning South Sudan Needs

The seventh anniversary of South Sudan’s independence on July 11 is, at best, a bittersweet occasion. Seldom has a country come into being with such promise and good will. Dozens of heads of state, including Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, came to Juba to witness the birth of the world’s newest state. Messages poured in from leaders who could not ma...    read more