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ASMEA Newsletter December 2015

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2015 ASMEA Keynote Address: “The Fate of the Middle East Christians”

Prof. Samir Khalil Samir, SJ, Saint Joseph University, delivered the Keynote Address at the Eighth Annual ASMEA Conference in Washington, D.C. held October 29 – 31, ...    read more 

ROUNDTABLE A: Jewish-Christianity and the Origins of Islam

A roundtable discussion with Francisco del Rio Sanchez, University of Barcelona; Robert Hoyland, New York University; and Stephen Shoemaker, University of Oregon...    read more 

ROUNDTABLE B: The Spill-Over: The Sunni Jihadis of Syria/Iraq and their Impact on the Middle East Region

A roundtable discussion with Lori Plotkin Boghardt, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy; David Schenker, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy; and Aaron Zelin, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. ...    read more 

ROUNDTABLE C: United Kurdistan: Distant Dream or Emerging Reality?

A roundtable discussion with Ofra Bengio, Tel Aviv University; Sinam Mohamad, Co-President, People’s Council for Western Kurdistan; Muslih Mustafa, Soran University; Arash Saleh, Representative of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan to the United States; and Nahro Zagros, Soran University...    read more 

ROUNDTABLE E: Cultures of War: U.S. Military Training in the Middle East and Africa

A roundtable discussion with Major Mark Beaudreau, USMC; SSgt William Caban, USMC; Maj Vern Liebl, USMC, ret.; Capt John Powell, Harvard University; LtCol Mike Purcell, USMC ret.; and Dr. Matt Slater, Marine Corps University...    read more 

On Islamic State, Kryptonite, Verbal Promiscuity and the Suicide of Civilization

In the aftermath of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, which left 130 dead and hundreds more maimed and wounded, pressure has mounted on the Obama administration for a change of strategy in the protection of the homeland, and the fight against Islamic State (IS, ISIS or ISIL). Yet the president and his national security team seem to have doubled dow...    read more 

2015 Moroccan Studies Research Grants

ASMEA and the Moroccan-American Cultural Center (MACC) offered research grants for scholars and students whose research focused on the Moroccan Culture, History, Religion, and Society. Grants of up to $2500 were awarded to qualified applicants. 2015 Award Recipients Ms. Caroline Abadeer (Stanford University) Rethinking Urban Informality: Political and Soci...    read more 

2015 ASMEA Research Grant Program

The 2015 ASMEA Research Grant Program was for qualified professors and students engaged in the study of the Middle East and Africa. To stimulate new and diverse lines of discourse about the Middle East and Africa, ASMEA’s Research Grants program sought to support research on topics that deserved greater attention. The topic areas and sub-topics listed he...    read more 

Morocco’s Green March at 40

This Friday is the 40th anniversary of one of the defining moments of the post-colonial history of Morocco and, indeed, all of Africa. At dawn on Nov. 6, 1975, some 350,000 Moroccans armed only with flags and copies of the Quran crossed the border arbitrarily imposed by 19th-century European imperialists to peacefully take back a [&hellip...    read more