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Messy politics at the Middle East Studies Association

In the decade that Austro- Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl came to Zionism, resolving that “the state of the Jews” in the world may not be remedied without a “Jewish state,” anti-Semitism had become the norm of modern life and one of the trappings of polite society; its tropes were now perfunctory standards of learned company, and indeed were met ...    read more 

ASMEA Newsletter November 2014

...    read more 

Trouble Looming in Guinea, and Why That Matters

While Washington remains preoccupied with the results of its own midterm election and its aftermath, U.S. policymakers might be forgiven for not having spared much thought recently for polls elsewhere. Just in Africa alone — which the Obama administration has described in strategy documents as “more important than ever to the security and prosperity&...    read more 

Opinion: Israel Is Living Well but Dangerously

Israel is a safe country, with crime rates lower than the U.S., most of Europe and East Asia. The daily safety of its citizens is even starker when compared to Africa, Latin America and most of its neighbors in the Middle East. Indeed, it is far more dangerous for the average American tourist to visit [&hellip...    read more 

Five Ideas for a Post-Midterms Africa Agenda

With last Tuesday’s midterm election giving Republicans control of the Senate and their biggest majority in the House of Representatives since Harry Truman sat in the Oval Office behind his “The Buck Stops Here” sign, President Obama has acknowledged that American voters sent a message and promised to “take care of business,” in...    read more 

2014 ASMEA Keynote: “Rouhani’s Iran: How Real is the Change?”

Prof. Meir Litvak of Tel Aviv University delivers the Keynote Address at the Seventh Annual ASMEA Conference in Washington, D.C. held October 30 – November 1, ...    read more 

Roundtable A: “Boko Haram: Islamism and Anarchy to What End?”

A roundtable discussion with Ms. Lauren Blanchard; Dr. J. Peter Pham; Mr. Jacob Zenn...    read more 

Roundtable C: “The Sunni-Shia Sectarian War Across the Sykes-Picot Line”

Dr. Michael Knights Dr. Matthew Levitt Mr. Phillip Smyth Mr. Jeff White...    read more 

Roundtable D: “Iraq: Failure or Federalism”

A roundtable discussion with H.E. Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir; LtGen. John F. Sattler; Prof. Amatzia Baram; Prof. Ronen Zeidel...    read more 

Roundtable E: “The Middle East: New Political Arrays, Old Complications”

A roundtable discussion with Prof. Alexander Bligh; Prof. Ronen Cohen, Prof. Eyal Lewin; Prof. Bosmat Yefet...    read more