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Prof. Bernard Lewis addresses ASMEA conference reception

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How to Stop Failing, From Israel to Pakistan

Dr. Leslie Gelb (President Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations)...    read more 

Eritrea and its Discontents

ASMEA 2010 conference discussion led by Dr. Gerard Prunier...    read more 

Turkey’s Future as a Democratic Ally

Prof. Bassam Tibi (University of Göettingen) Prof. Joshua Walker (Brandeis University) Prof. Birol Yesilada (Portland State University) Mr. Nuh Yilmaz (Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research, SETA)...    read more 

The Future of Military Operations in the Horn of Africa

Led by RADM Terry McKnight (USN, ret.)...    read more 

Iran’s Nuclear Program: The Military Option

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney (USAF, ret.), and CAPT Chuck Nash (USN, ret.) moderated by Reuel Gerecht a Senior Fellow at The Foundation for Defense of Democracies...    read more 

ASMEA Newsletter Oct. 2010, Vol. 3

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ASMEA Newsletter July 2010, Vol. 2

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Not Another Failed State: Toward a Realistic Solution in the Western Sahara

ASMEA Vice President Dr. J. Peter Pham, Amb. Henry Cohen and Dr. Ricardo Rene Laremont discuss Dr. Pham’s latest study, “Not Another Failed State: Toward a Realistic Solution in the Western Sahara,” published in the Journal of the Middle East and Africa. The event took place in Washington, DC at the Council on Foreign Relations [&hellip...    read more 

ASMEA Newsletter Apr. 2010, Vol. 1

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