Member News

ASMEA Member Maurizio Geri Publishes Book

ASMEA Member Maurizio Geri has published his book Ethnic Minorities in Democratizing Muslim Countries: Turkey and Indonesia by Palgrave Macmillan...    read more 

ASMEA Members Ofira Seliktar and Farhad Rezaei Announce Forthcoming Book

ASMEA Members Dr. Ofira Seliktar and Dr. Farhad Rezaei joint book venture, Iran, Israel, and the United States: The Politics of Counter-Proliferation Intelligence, will be available July 2018 from Lexington Books...    read more 

ASMEA Members Alexander Bligh and Gadi Hitman Publish Book

ASMEA members Prof. Alexander Bligh and Dr. Gadi Hitman published their book, National Schism and Civil Integration; Mutual relations between the Israeli central government and the Israeli Arab Palestinian minority, by Sussex Academic Press (March 2018)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Alexander Bligh Paper Presentation at BESA Center

ASMEA Member Prof. Alexander Bligh presented his paper, “Saudi Arabia – 2018: macro-assessment” at the BESA Center, Bar-Ilan University...    read more 

ASMEA Member Francisco del Rio Sanchez Publishes ASMEA Conference Proceedings

ASMEA Member Prof. Francisco del Rio Sanchez, of the University of Barcelona, is the editor of the newly released book (March 2018) titled, “Jewish Christianity and the Origins of Islam.” The book includes a series of research papers first presented at the Eighth Annual ASMEA Conference held in Washington, D.C. October 29 R...    read more 

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat published his article “Understanding New Middle Eastern Leadership: An Operational Code Approach,” in the Political Research Quarterly (Vol 71, Issue 1, 2018)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Nikolay Kozhanov Publishes Research Paper

ASMEA Member Dr. Nikolay Kozhanov published his research paper, “Russian Policy across the Middle East: Motivations and Methods” with Chatham House...    read more 

ASMEA Member Eliot Assoudeh Co-authors Chapter for the Oxford Handbook

ASMEA Member Dr. Eliot Assoudeh co-authors the chapter, “Political Violence and the Radical Right” in the Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right. ...    read more 

Former ASMEA Vice President Dr. J. Peter Pham Interviewed by World Energy Magazine

Former ASMEA Vice President Dr. J. Peter Pham interviews with World Energy Magazine where he discusses how China’s investments in many African countries is reshaping both economies and diplomatic balances, impacting the interests of the United States and its allies...    read more 

ASMEA Member Jochen Arndt Publishes Article

ASMEA Member Prof. Jochen Arndt published his article “What’s in a World? Historicising the Term ‘Caffre’ in European Discourses about Southern Africa between 1500 and 1800” in the Journal of Southern African Studies (Volume 44, 2018, Issue 1)...    read more