Member News

ASMEA Member Franck Salameh Promoted to Full Professor

ASMEA Member Prof. Franck Salameh has been promoted to Full Professor at Boston College...    read more 

ASMEA Member Franck Salameh Video on his Latest Book

ASMEA Member Prof. Franck Salameh discusses his book Lebanon’s Jewish Community; Fragments of Lives Arrested (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2019) in this video...    read more 

ASMEA Member Noel Twagiramungu Publishes Latest Article

ASMEA Member Dr. Noel Twagiramungu published his article, “From Nationalist Rebellion to Pan-African Liberation: A Theory of the Apartheid Endgame in South Africa”  in the journal International Relations and Diplomacy (December 2018, Vol. 6, No. 12, 627-640). The article received a 2017 Research Grant and was originally presented a...    read more 

ASMEA Member Joseph Spoerl Publishes Book Review

ASMEA Member Joseph Spoerl reviewed James Loeffler’s book , Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018), for the Jewish Political Studies Review (29: 1-2; Spring 2018)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Joseph Spoerl Publishes Latest Article

ASMEA Member Prof. Joseph Spoerl published his article “Al-Waqidi and the Birth of Islamic Imperialism” in the New English Review (December 2018)...    read more 

Academic Council Member Dr. Gerard Prunier Interview

Academic Council Member Dr. Gerard Prunier took part in an extensive two-part interview with the Ethiopia Observer about his fascinating career. Read Part 1 of the interview HERE. Read Part 2 of the interview ...    read more 

ASMEA Member Hilla Peled-Shapira Publishes Book

ASMEA Member Dr. Hilla Peled-Shapira published her book, The Prose Works of Gha’ib Tu’ma Farman: The City and the Beast (Lexington Books)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Shaul Bartal Publishes Latest Article

ASMEA Member Shaul Bartal published his latest article, “What is left of Palestine’s Eighty year old partition Plan,” in the International Relations and Diplomacy Journal (Vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 2018)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Shulamit Binah Publishes Book

ASMEA Member Dr. Shulamit Binah published her book, United States-Iraq Bilateral Relations: Confusion and Misperception from 1967 to 1979,  from Vallentine Mitchell (March 15, 2018)...    read more 

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat Publishes Latest Article

ASMEA Member Sercan Canbolat co-authored the article “Elite Survival Strategies and Authoritarian Reversal in Turkey,” in the journal Polity (Volume 50, Number 3, July 2018)...    read more