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The US-Taliban peace agreement

It was reported recently that the USA and the Taliban have reached a peace agreement on Afghanistan that will allow US forces to leave that country 17 years after they invaded it on October, 2001, less than a month after 9/11. Al Qaeda had used that dysfunctional state as a safe haven and, while there, was able to plan and execu...    read more 

2018 ASMEA Keynote Address

Iraqi parliamentarian, the Honorable Mithal Al-Alusi, delivered the keynote address at the Eleventh Annual ASMEA Conference held November 1 – 3, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Having trouble viewing? Refresh your page. If this doesn’t load the video, visit our Vimeo page to watch...    read more 

Roundtable B: The Enduring Legacy of Prof. Bernard Lewis

For more than 60 years, Bernard Lewis interpreted the world of Islam to the West. After service during World War II, he taught at the University of London and Princeton University, where he was Princeton’s Cleveland E. Dodge Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies. This roundtable will discuss Prof. Lewis’ enduring legacy of scholarly achievement [&he...    read more 

Panel 18: Ways of War and Responses to Crisis

Discussant: Prof. Joe Skelly Currency Warfare in the Middle East: The Currency Counterfeiting Weapon in three Middle Eastern Conflicts, The 1953 Iranian Coup, the 1990-1991 Gulf War, and the Yemen Civil War (2014-2018) (Ricardo Crespo, University of California, Riverside) Why the Arabs Lose Wars…Twenty Years Later (Norvell DeAtkine, Wikistrat) The Failure ...    read more 

Panel 13: Fueling the Fires of Boko Haram

Discussant: Dr. William Dean Negotiating ‘Annoba’ Life in the Wake of Boko Haram’s Terror (Gbemisola Abiola, Harvard University) Beyond Kalashnikovs, Motorcycles, and Cellphones in the Sahara-Sahel: Boko Haram and its Affiliates are not Easily Defeated (Robin Hardy, Montana State University) Heresy, Apostasy and Unbelief: The Discursive Traditions of T...    read more